dishonesty weekly print 

It started as a time to reflect and ask questions - sit and ponder, mull the current state of things. A Barrage of information to contemplate. That was 12 days of UK election Dishonesty where the brave the good the liars and cheats of this country did their best to bluff and bamboozle their way through the election campaign. This work now continues to be my contribution to disinformation, fake news and general all round trickery as a crisp, hard edged, ambiguous yet poignant design, screen printed on newsprint paper. Prints are editions, 320mm x440mm approx, re -runs and fine art prints may happen if there is enough demand.


Cost from  ONLY £3.00  (min contribution). Pick one (or more) up outside Studio 20 here on 3rd floor, B&D Studios Commercial Union House. Put your hard earned cash in the 'DISHONESTY BOX' next to the print pile. A cellophane wrap is available for an extra £1, a tube or box for £2. These can be mailed anywhere in the UK. Post Office medium parcel plus tube/box etc means postage will be added at check out, best order a few at the same time!