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It started as a time to reflect and ask questions - sit and ponder, mull the current state of things. A Barrage of information to contemplate. That was 12 days of UK election dishonesty where the brave the good the liars and cheats of this country did their best to bluff and bamboozle their way through the election campaign. This work was my contribution to disinformation, fake news and general all round trickery - a crisp, hard edged, ambiguous yet poignant design, screen printed on newsprint paper. Prints are open editions, 320mm x440mm approx.  


Johnnyx hand printed artworks now sell for a modest price, but are often beyond impulse or frivolous indulgence.  Dishonesty designs are printed on newsprint paper usually in just one or two colour and are available for fag money. Occasionally available

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