Live life - whilst that's an option 

A brick from 'Wall Street' If you're into yer finance, don't miss this! ** Live Life whilst that's an 'option' **. Hand printed text on 2"x1"x7" approx wooden block. Don't worry, I'll hold 'Stock' for you. make sure you get your 'Share'. Available this NOW outside Studio 20, B&D Studios, Commercial Union House, Newcastle. Also be available online. Each block signed, and tissue wrapped. Happy 'investing'. Any q's just drop me a pm.


Cost ONLY £5.00 . Pick one (or more) up outside Studio 20 here on 3rd floor, B&D Studios Commercial Union House. If I'm not about, put your hard earned cash in the 'DISHONESTY BOX' next to the Live Life display outside the studio. Blocks can be mailed anywhere in the UK. Post Office medium parcel plus packing etc means postage will be £6 - added at check out, best order a few at the same time! If the studio is open, I do have a card reader.