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Lockup Notes 1

Back in the day, I worked in computer games. I worked with teams on GTA, Tanktics, F1 2000/2001, Crackdown, The Beano even... Lots of evolving tech and creativity.. but nothing like this. Getting back on the boxcar after lockdown, finding a path and a route to art engagement is going to be the biggest challenge I have ever come across - and I had some whoppers for sure.

Soon I can get back into the print studio. There is a smorgasbord of great new work waiting to go - but my favorite thing of all is gone - meeting people, chatting about the work, feedback. Live interaction is Dead - at least for now.

So what then? Galleries have their own problems with face to face contact.. and shows like our amazing 'Please Stand By' and 'Final Countdown' at B&D Studios are just not possible.. these days they would be held as 'empty stadiums'. I've had a few conversations with galleries and museums people, the only immediate way forward seems to be the obvious - 'online'. This is where we are going to have to get creative.. Facebook, Instagram (more $$$ for Zuckerberg) Youtube? .. maybe... I don't think TicToc and Snapchat are contenders... mind, me changing outfits to 'zippity-zappity-do' may be funny... but a bit off topic.

It's been months now since pausing work. you'd think I'd have a plan for world domination of something. I'm a tad disappointed that it hasn't materialised.. but, maybe slow change is solid change, and in all this, what comes out of the studio I suspect is going to be more diverse and more challenging artworks.

The world is still crazy, as I type, the USA is burning, Brexit is melting down and Covidz is dripping away.. everything changes, yet nothing changes - this is the main philosophy of my work, and I don't see any reason to change.

I've banged in a couple of images here to give a flavour of what's to come, I'll try make it virtual, merchable and searchable.. so we all win in the end.

Would be amazing if you guys stuck with me, maybe subscribe to johnnyx instagram and or Facebook. For your delight and entertainment I'll be ramping up YouTube and even this Blog... If you have any ideas, if you are a gallery and like my work, let me know! I'm all ears.

Virtual Hugs!


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