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Lockup Notes 2

Lockup has put us all in the same boat. Kinda. No matter if you are a citizen or a double standard backstabbing politician/political adviser, covidz is an inconvenience... no doubt about that. I've hated being locked out the studio, I miss the city and human interaction. Inspiration for me comes from at least a triangle of people, place and politics.. although some times a square or even the 'Pentagon'.

I've taken to communicating thoughts and ideas via postcards - seems appropriate as we're not here just now, we're somewhere else, somewhere exotic. I'm printing on old used postcards, challenging 'single use'. I'm re-purposing an object, absorbing sentiment and adding, appending with my own thoughts, overlaying a new message on an old, in some ways creating a third artwork for free. We like thirds in the art world. The final result can be a little unpredictable, but a wise man once said, "we love happy little accidents*"

When I can't print, my little fingers and brain work on new designs. Some large, some small - but both problematic. I know I have touched on this before, and will no doubt visit again, but how do I get to show you the work now the galleries are shut? Well, I'm setting up new web pages as I type, but the more I look at photographs/images of my work, the more I realise at least forty percent of the experience is missing. Hand crafted work needs to be experienced right? feel the texture, the age, the frailties, even smell the paint. A good deal of the character of a work can be lost online. I love texture, thick inks and acrylic, glistening in the evening sun, saying "look at me!" then revealing its secrets .. slowly. Helllooo.

No solutions here yet - just a need to continue. If you read this, please be amazing and share the blog, Instagram, Facebook with folk you know.. all this is like my bucket.. keeps me afloat.

Speak soon!


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*Mr Ross


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