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Lockup Notes 3

Faster, Louder, Harder.

What did you do when lockdown became a thing?... Me?.. I panicked and instead of stockpiling Baked Beans and loo roll, I bought 20 cans of spray paint. I then spent 3 months working out how to use them, and went hungry. On the plus side I’ve since bought lots of beans, and had no problem figuring out what to do with them or the loo roll.

I did other stuff, with varying degrees of shareability.. I can’t say I enjoy spending weeks creating and doing and making and to some degree faking - then chucking it away, writing it off as experience.. but that's discovery isn’t it? Like making a Vegan cake, Ratatouille with vegi sausage, cheap red wine.. You don’t know until you have tried it - you can guess, but you don’t know. So that brings me to now. It does seem as if when I’m given time, I just can’t get enough of it, but I’m now looking to actually start work, which has me buzzing with excitement. The studios at B&D Studios open to artists on July 6th - unknown when open to the public, however, I see a massive change around, changes to the workspace. I actually don’t think my studio will be generally ‘open’ ever again, I need to make new plans for meeting people - no idea what that will look like - but I’ll look fabulous no probs.

Going off on a tangent.. remember the Bonzo-Dog-Doo-Dah-Band? Took me a long time to understand why they were even a thing. Turns out they didn’t need me to like them, they were doing their crazy, having a blast for the most part and entertaining anyone who turned up.. now, I quite like them and their attitude.. I like fun.. turns out. So, there we have it - art will find you, we just have to keep being Urban Space Folk…


P.s. I can see these posts getting so short, they will be tweets.. Just saying.. and.. this guy - fake spray paint bonanza-dog-do-dah.. expect more.


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